Must-See Tile & Grout Cleaning

Do You Have Dirty Tile & Grout?

Depending on the tile and grout a lot of dirty water can be left on it with traditional ways of mopping your floor and most products will attract soil making matters worse.

Most people will use a toothbrush or something similar to scrub the grout lines in an effort to restore the grout to its original surface but it’s really hard on the knees and takes way too long for those AWESOME results.

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We start with our powerful tile and grout cleaning solution to emulsify the dirt and grime on your tile and grout. Then scrub the grout to make sure the dirt is loose and ready for our Hot Water Extraction. Our machine heats up the rinse water to 230 degrees and at 1000 psi it will blast away the dirt and grime on the tile and grout.

Above is our video of the tile cleaning we did for Grant P. Grant needed a Mother’s Day gift for his wife and his son Randy who we have cleaned his carpets for years suggested that the kitchen tile and grout be cleaned to save Gloria’s knees.

We arrived at their house at 9:00 in the morning and measured the tile areas in the bathrooms and the kitchen and then went to work.

As you can see in the video we were able to restore the grout lines back to the original brown color and the Black ground in dirt and grime just melted right off of the grout when we rinsed.

Just for fun, we cleaned the smiley face so you could see the difference. In the video you can see after we had finished the floor. It was still a little damp and will continue to lighten as it dries out.

After we have the grout clean, we follow with a professional Chem-Dry impenetrable grout sealer to prevent future staining on the grout.

This will create a barrier in between future stains and soil to keep your grout looking clean because when your floors are dirty your whole home feels dirty. Just ask Gloria!

Grant is even having us come clean the tile and grout at the community center now because he couldn’t believe the difference it made.

We also have the ability to clean your stone floors. Travertine and slate need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Did you know that these stones just like granite need a sealant applied to the actual stone and not just the grout?

Notice when your outside and it rains the stones will absorb the water just like concrete. We know that grout is just colored concrete and our travertine and slate are stones that are shaped to size for a floor so sealant will help your stone floor resist staining helping you keep your stone floors looking great for years.

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John Qualls
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